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Same Day Agra Tour by train - Shopping Possibilities

Tourists look for shopping of particular articles famous at particular places. Sometimes they are not aware of such goods and souvenirs so they search for some guidelines. I try to facilitate such tourists who come to Agra and want to shop something in Same Day Agra Tour By Train.
Since times immemorial shopping had been the inherent quality of the mankind. In the ancient times in the absence of money it was done by the medium of barter system. Then started the existence of gold. Silver or other metal coins to shop and ultimately the advent of paper currency gave a boom to it. Now in the modern era with the development of science and technology the plastic money (credit card, debit cards) and NEFT and e-shopping has changed the whole scenario.

A tourist whether domestic or overseas always pine for shopping if he or she goes to an alien place or far off places. India is a huge country with enormous variety of art and crafts and there is a diversity of shopping for the tourists. This city had been the capital of the great Mughals for a long span of time. As these rulers had a great love for art and crafts, so various forms of famous art and crafts emerged here and a number of artisans and craftsmen migrated to this city for better appreciations. This city has a wide range of shopping like Marble Inlay items, leather goods, zardozi work, cotton and woollen rugs, silver jewellery and sweets. In the Taj Mahal Tour Packages you can experience nice shopping in Agra Marble inlay traditional in the city is due to the Taj Mahal which has the best inlay work in the white marble by semi precious stones. The inlaid articles range from big dining table, coffee table to small coasters, elephant, flower bases chess board etc. these are different markets such as Sadar Bazar to visit.

Like Chennai Agra is also known for leather goods. Previously many leather tanneries used to work in the city. There is a big export of shoes to Europe and Russia from this city. Other leather items include leather bags, leather jackets, ballets, belts etc. There are several worth visit factories and shops in the city which you can visit Agra Tour by car. The art of rug making is a very old tradition of the city. The credit goes to the Mughals who loved the best design rugs for their own use from Turkey and Iran. That is how many industries flourished in the city as cottage industries. Isfahan in Iran was a great center of rug making. Many important nobles of Mughals hailed from Isfahan. Even the family of Mumtaj Mahal for whom the Taj Mahal is built, had the roots in Isfahan. These rug making factories demonstrate you real process of rug making on the loom, trimming, knots and dying etc. There are various factories in the city to be explored. They sell different designs of rugs, durries, runners etc. The prices depend on the designs, fabrics and knots.

Silver jewellery making is a very old tradition of Agra. Many goldsmiths from Bengal region of India came to Agra in the pursuit of good fortune and settled here. The best silver work on ornaments in India is done here which you can visit in the Same Day Agra Tour. Articles like anklets, bracelets, owlets are made here. Popular bazaars are Kinari Bazar, Namak Ki Mandi, Seb Ka Bazar etc. Zardozi (Embroidery works) was a great out work of Mughals where the craftsmen used to do the intricate work with needle on the fabric and thus used to help in decorating the royal palaces, tents and making the ornamented articles of daily use. You can see this art still alive in many stores where the artisans demonstrate their art. You can also buy the goods such as embroidered panels, lady's bags, Jewellery boxes etc. Agra is also famous for a sweet dish known as Petha. This sweet dish is prepared from bitter gourd and after treatment with lime and tamarind leaves they take the bitterness out and candy this. There are many famous Petha shops in the city. Another sweet dish is Gazak.

Thus summing up it can only be said that whatever suits to your taste you can go for that. More over to feel and real experience once visit the busy and bustling Bazaars of this city on 3 Days Golden Triangle Tour.


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